Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feeling Good About Yourself

A lot of people sell themselves short.  Some people think they're not interesting enough to be worth knowing.  Some people think that because they don't fit a certain body image, they can't have good looking friends.

They're wrong.

However - this isn't an easy hurdle to overcome.  For a lot of people, it's easier to get the confidence they need by changing themself, instead of just accepting their own self worth.

For those interested in changing their body, I recommend P90X.  If you can't cut it, start with the P90 series.  Or just start going to to the gym.  Hell, even just eating right makes a huge difference.

So, in short, if you're worried about your body, here's a list of things you can do to fix it.

1) Cut the soda out of your diet.  That shit, in addition to making you fat, basically kills you.  Diabeetus and all that.
2) Don't eat until you're full.  Eat until you're not hungry.  You'll eat more, which'll keep the metabolism going, and you'll stop overeating.
3) Work out.

I recommend P90X if you want to work out.  It covers all your bases, and pretty much gets you going.  Easy to do in your own home for minimal cost too.

You can find out more at my colleague's blog here:  P90X - BRING IT!


  1. Oh man I'm glad I already do everything in that list, except for p90x and non drinking Soda.

    I'm extremely underweight though.

    Eitherway, I was gonna say that I've looked at the results my friends get from p90x and I don't find the results attractive. It just feels like the muscles grew wrong.

    like my friends pecs look like fists protruding out of their chest.

  2. Honestly: chances are they did it wrong. Maybe they overdid the glamour routines, and didn't do the cardio ones enough? Or perhaps tried to make their diet nothing but protein?

    Either way, P90X is a full body fitness routine, not one that should make your pecs pop out and look ridiculous.

  3. Ditto to getting rid of Soda. Beachbody has a good article in regards to the fizzy drinks pandemic...

  4. Agreed with Thatoneguy. Anything that helps the uneducated understand how to help themselves or feel better is awesome. Great blog.

  5. I know a guy got in shape just by cutting out the soda. It doesn't even matter if it's diet, people who drink diet soda tend to eat more sugary foods as the sweetener tricks the body into expecting calories.
    I'll be checking out this p90x stuff though.