Saturday, January 22, 2011

MotD: Never Refuse A Social Invitation

Here's a thought.
How often have you turned down a social invitation to a gathering, a group dinner, a party, or any sort of general activity simply because "you didn't really feel like it" or "you had nobody to go with."  If it's something you're interested in, you'll meet like minded people there.  The only way you'll feel like it is if you do it.

Something interesting happens when you're not getting out and meeting people, or even hanging out with a wide group of people regularly.  You lose passion for it.  Over time, you'll feel lonely, or like something's missing.  You'll look at other groups of people and wonder 'how do they find the time or the energy?'

The only way you'll ever be a social being is by simply being a social being.  So next time someone invites you out to something, throw some nice clothes on, makeup if you'd like, and get out there.  Humans require interaction to have a healthy mindset; staying at home will depress you.  Live life like you mean it.


  1. Very true. Get over yourself and meet other human beings!

  2. i havent been going out much at all lately but i don't really mind. i put the pro in procrastinate.

  3. good post :)

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  4. 90% of life is just showing up.

  5. Ah well, the problem is that most people who decline these invitations feel like, if they are depressed, their behavior will affect the rest of the people. They forget that a cheery group of individuals can be very healthy and, in fact, good for fighting against bad feelings.
    I'm a very social being, I could not imagine a day without going out with someone or at least having a cup of coffee with a friend. People don't understand that this is good, and often very useful.

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  7. Whenever a friend of mine is throwing a party or something, I always try my best to see if I have some time, or make it, for that matter. Keeps my spirit up, and keeps me going. :3

  8. Yeah, I'm trying to get out more and hang out with more people. I know what you mean - even if you don't feel like it at the moment, it is a lot better when you are actually doing it.

  9. After I quit my job I don't meet as much people as I used to do. I thought working at home would be awsome, but what you said is becoming true, luckily I still have a few friends out there to go out with them

  10. Too true.
    Very nice advice.


  11. "Live life like you mean it."
    O_o :)

    I love this blog.
    Following and supporting!

  12. I love your posts, so inspiring!