Sunday, January 16, 2011


Welcome to Social Intelligence.

The point of this blog is to post things I learn about interacting with people, and include references to other blogs and information regarding the same thing.

A lot of what I'll be posting here may be old news to some of you.  The blog isn't going to be so much new information as a repository of info.

I'll be posting pictures, links to other blogs, articles I've read or wrote, just about thing.

To start though, a quote, for those of you who're looking to meet people, make new friends, or just expand your social horizon.

"The absolute best way to meet new people is to have something better to do than meet people."

This applies to both sexes, in all walks of life.  Volunteer, join a team, go out with friends... whatever.  If you're out, relaxed, enjoying yourself or doing something, then you meet people without thinking it.  If you're just going out to try to meet people, you'll probably overthink something and just screw with your head.



  1. just start doing it, everything else will come natural

  2. Interesting idea; I hope that this blog can catch my interest in the posts to come. Good luck!

    ~Randall A.

  3. sounds cool, looking forward to it. can't wait to see what you post. I'll be following.

  4. I am not sure whether I like or dislike this. I like it to an extent, but there are things about it that I dislike. In the meantime, I will have to follow you, and see how this develops.

  5. This is sound advice. I like the blog so far. Keep it up.